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Welcome t0 Jado's Online Shop!

Welcome back from a challenging 2020. We hope you and yours made it safely through. To those families suffering illness and loss, we send our sincere condolences. Those of us that made it to the other side are humble and grateful.

That is the new beginning of the Jado story. Jado was born from an impossible year that devastated so many of us in so many ways. The name "Jado" is a combination of my name (Jay) and my wife. Dolores' name. We hope you enjoy our offerings and will stop by and say "Hello" when we begin our tour of Craft Shows and other events throughout the coming year. We are gearing up by creating some unique, fun and beautiful products that you will find online. and at our booth.

in the meantime, please shop our site and let us know of any comments or suggestions you have. If you just want to be negative, this isn't the place. We intend to spread joy and love wherever we go!

We have Packaging available for your Special Occasion Gifts! 
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